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Loader Operator/Receiver

Urban Impact Recycling has an opening for Loader Operator/Receiver based in the Richmond Plant and additional Transfer Site. We are looking for experienced individuals with great people skills, who like variety in their job and have a passion for the environment. Previous forklift and loader experience is key.

Job Duties may include:

  • Receiving
  • Loader operations
  • Baling Operations
  • Shipping


The Loader Operator/Receiver is a key equipment operator in the Plant, ensuring that Urban Impact safely and securely receives materials for processing. The Receiver is expected to ensure that all receiving of materials is completed smoothly, efficiently and cost effectively. Communication with other Plant staff members is key to ensuring smooth operations.


Main Job Duties


  1. Complete a Pre Operation Inspection of all equipment operated including bale clamp at the beginning of shift; report any deficiencies to Plant Manager.
  2. Ensure start, stop and break times are strictly adhered to.


  1. Contain and organize recyclable materials to ensure all materials are neatly, efficiently and store in the yard and warehouse bunkers.
  2. Transport load materials for sorting and baling, without overloading infeed conveyors.
  3. Monitor and regulate incoming vehicle traffic to inside and outside Plant bunkers.
  4. Evenly load materials for sorting and baling, without overloading infeed conveyors.
  5. Identify any contaminants in the materials for sorting and baling, separate and safely dispose of any contaminants as required.

Quality Control and Upgrading Materials

  1. Identify loads with contaminations and report to Scale Operator or Plant Manager with recommended downgrade.
  2. Identify materials that can be upgraded and separate then accordingly.

Plant and Yard Cleanliness

  1. Responsible for keeping all corners of the south warehouse and yard free of debris.
  2. Communicate with Plant Manager on issues relating to organizing any of the yard area.

Job Requirements:

  • Previous Forklift and Loader experience
  • Team player
  • Able to demonstrate safe lifting practices of up to 50 lbs
  • Good verbal and interpersonal communication skills



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