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Our Founders

From a Vision

For 20 years, Urban Impact’s Founder and CEO Nicole Stefenelli and her husband and business partner Rod Nicolls have provided a spectrum recycling services and personalized advice from Richmond, British Columbia.

Passionate about recycling. Nicole saw the value in waste-  she viewed paper, cardboard and soft plastics as a valuable resource long before it became mainstream.

Rod & Nicole

A Bright Future Ahead

Rod’s commitment to technology, automation and design has turned Urban Impact’s Materials Recovery Facilities into a state-of-the art recycling plant. Our technology investment has helped make Urban Impact a processing leader. The OCC bales we produce are uniform in size and weight- they also reduce transportation costs and do not break when shipped.

Our recent investment in a state-of-the-art plant in New Westminster was part of our plan to recover more of the valuable materials in waste. We also wanted to improve the effectiveness of municipal and commercial recycling programs. Our rapid advances in processing methods and technology mean that we can handle an increasingly large volume of material.

Urban Impact is Different Kind of Recycling Company

Today, being green and a commitment to corporate social responsibility reflect Urban Impact’s culture of discipline and strategic business practices. Urban Impact is committed to making a positive impact on the environment by delivering innovative commercial recycling solutions.  Superior logistics and an in-depth knowledge of recycling markets give us a huge advantage over our competitors.

About Nicole


Forward-thinking, Nicole is a pioneering spirit in the environmental sustainability movement.   She epitomizes imagination, energy and passion.Nicole is excited to help our customers become more sustainable.  Nicole clearly has the instinct of an entrepreneur.  She’s very focused and has an understanding of her key customers.  She’s created a family-run business on the simple core values of treating our customers as her number one priority. Nicole also enjoys living recycling, teaching and promoting recycling.

The Company Quickly Expanded

“We embraced sustainability over 20 years ago. Urban Impact was one of the first paper and cardboard recycling companies in Vancouver and has grown into a major recycling player in Metro Vancouver.”

~ Nicole Stefenelli, Founder and CEO, Urban Impact.

A pioneer, expert and leader in recycling and diversion, Nicole recognized a huge opportunity to help organizations get closer to zero-waste processes by diverting more of their waste from landfill. INicole works tirelessly to help more people become interested in recycling. Nicole believes that there is a huge opportunity to introduce our kids to good conservation and recycling habits early!

When she’s not focusing on work, Nicole is an avid equestrian rider and skier who loves to ski at Whistler with her husband, Rod, and their four young children.

Sharing her Recycling Passion through our School Tour Program

Nicole is passionate about getting kids excited about the planet and recycling.  There’s a lot to know. And the more people know, she believes the better recyclers they are.Under Nicole’s leadership, Urban Impact has been sponsoring Grade 4/5 School Tours of our Richmond processing plant  for over  five years.  Tied in with Earth Week, twice a year (October and April) we pay  for a fleet of school buses to pick up the students and teachers. Nicole really looks forwards to our bi-annual tours; she has personally taken over 50 Lower Mainland classes for a tour of our materials recovery plant. For more information about the School Tours click here.

“Not many school children realize how much energy they are helping to save by recycling. The less energy used to produce materials like aluminum, paper, plastic, and steel, the less pollution goes into the environment. Taking a tour of our recycling plant helps reinforce Reduce, Reuse and Recycle message to Grade 4/5 classes. Children are encouraged to form their own opinions and understand the impact their own actions have on the environment.”

~ Nicole Stefenelli, CEO and President, Urban Impact

Nicole Stefenelli 04-2014

Nicole truly believes it doesn’t cost a lot of money to be creative and provide an amazing customer service- this has always been the foundation of Nicole’s existence as an entrepreneur.  Wanting to be where her customers are, Nicole was an early adopter of Social Media.  Follow Nicole on Twitter at @NStefenelli.

Through determination, a keen eye for opportunities and the commitment to investing in innovative technologies, Nicole and Rod have created not only a successful company, but also an environmental solution to the growing problem of corporate and institutional waste.  An extensive philanthropic support of local charities also distinguishes Urban Impact as a recycling leader. For information about our Charities program click here.

Nicole serves on the Board of Directors for the Forum for Women Entrepreneurs and Science World. She also served on the Board of the Recycling Council of BC.

About Rod

rodheadshot-200x230 Co-owner and Vice President Operations Rod Nicolls joined Urban Impact in 1992 after a career in the forestry sector.  Rod shares Nicole’s environmental values and zero waste philosophy. Urban Impact’s investment in hybrid recycling trucks and a state-of-the-art Materials Recovery and Processing Facility reflects Rod’s commitment to technology, automation and design. Rod is a driven and innovative entrepreneur who loves to be challenged – especially when told, “you can’t do that!” Nicole and Rod are both sought out advisors for providing better ideas for continuously improving corporate-wide recycling programs.

Nicole and Rod attribute Urban Impact’s success in a tough economy to several factors, including a great team of employees, a lean operating model, and their commitment to investing in technology. Together, they have truly created a winning combination for all stakeholders: investors, employees, our community and the environment.

Continued Growth

Our slogan “recycling at work” speaks to exactly what we do, every day and for every customer! We recently invested in a state –of-the-art new processing plant in New Westminster.

Careers at Urban Impact

Urban Impact is recognized as a Top Employer in British Columbia by BC Business magazine.We are looking to hire top talent to handle our increased demand for recycling solutions. Click here to find more about Careers at Urban Impact.

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