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Walking Our Talk

Urban Impact believes that a commitment to the health of the planet is the responsibility of all people and businesses.

These conservation habits reflect our commitment to reducing the environmental impacts of our business. We work with companies to help them replicate environmental “best practices” like these in their own day-to-day operations.

Composting Richmond office

  • Go carbon neutral. We calculate the carbon footprint of our operations, including all fuel and utilities used to run our vehicles, offices and warehouses, and even our employees’ commuting distances. We offset this carbon footprint through our annual “Plant One Here” tree planting campaign.
    Find out more about going carbon neutral.
  • Use earth-friendly products. State-of-the-art lubricants and oils are used in servicing all vehicles, while biodegradable soap is used to wash all collection vehicles. Invoices are printed on paper that is 100% Post Consumer Waste (PCW), certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, processed chlorine free, acid free and Green-e certified.
  • Reduce waste. Our comprehensive in house recycling program means we throw out less than .05% of what we receive and collect. Discounted pricing encourages customers to use scheduled service so that customer pickups are accommodated in a routed and efficient fashion. E-billing and quarterly billing reduces paper use, postage costs, processing costs by 3 times.  Urban Impact recently installed hand dryers in our washrooms to reduce our use of paper towels.
  • Reuse materials. We compost our staff’s lunch materials for use it in our warehouse and entrance gardens.
  • Conserve Resources. We audit our power consumption both in the office and warehouse.
  • Practice stewardship. Urban Impact allocates several hours per week for our staff members to clean up in our neighborhood (s), picking up garbage and litter around our facilities. We want to give back to the community we work in.