Feb 25, 2019 |

Our new Urban Impact App has 3 main features. This blog post will explore two features – the ability to check if you are recycling in the right way using our Waste Wizard, and how to request a pickup or assistance from our Customer Service team.

Request a Pickup or Help

When a customer’s bins are full they can use the Web App or App to Request an Extra Pickup. This is the quickest way to send the necessary information to our Customer Service team who will work to get your request resolved as soon as possible.

The App also allows customers to send general requests or queries to us without the need to pick up the phone. A request from a customer received from either the web app or mobile app is automatically sent to customerservice@urbanimpact.com with the name, phone number, email address and comments.

Waste Wizard

The Waste Wizard helps our customers recycle the right way! Available on the Web App or the mobile app, the Waste Wizard helps our customers figure out what goes in which bin.

Customers can use the Waste Wizard’s search function to simply search for an item whether it be “hair curlers” or “milk jug.”

The Waste Wizard will point the customer to the right bin to use meaning there are no more excuses to not recycle correctly.

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