Ready or not, multi-family recycling is now mandatory in Calgary!

Apartments, condominiums, townhouses and other multi-family complexes will be required to accept paper and cardboard, food cans, glass jars, plastic containers and bags. As a building owner or property manager, there is a real opportunity to integrate sustainability into the daily fabric of your tenants’ lives. User friendliness is key.  Let us guide your diversion program in the right direction.

Urban Impact makes it easy and convenient for building owner & managers to implement a recycling program.  Our multi-family residential services provide condominiums, apartments, or communities with flexible plans that are fully compliant with Calgary's new multi-family recycling bylaws.  We design intuitive and user-friendly collection areas that can make a huge difference in how your waste material is collected and processed.

We can scale a tailored solution to your site, or sites, to help you achieve maximum cost-effectiveness and sustainability.  A one-size-fits-all solution won't work for every property. 

Recycling and waste diversion are simple, we promise! Here is how we can help:

  • We’ll review your needs and space restrictions and work to find the plan that is easy and efficient for your property.

  • We’ll set-up well-labeled recycling bins and containers to help increase tenant engagement and participation.

  • Unique or tight spaces and underground locations are no problem- we offer specially designed collection vehicles to service your bins.

  • We'll provide recycling education for tenants- education is the foundation of any successful multi-family recycling program.

  • We’ll provide clear labels and downloadable recycling education fact sheets. Promoting participation in your organics recycling program has never been easier.

  • With our flexible, customized recycling plan for your property we’ll right size your containers and service frequency.

  • Regular reports on how much recyclable material has been diverted from landfill. 

 Get a Customized recycling and waste diversion plan, Today!

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