In 2017, the City of Calgary has expanded recycling and organics waste bylaws that will affect all multi-family residences and businesses. Bylaw changes require all businesses, multi family and single family locations to divert their organic waste from landfill.  With this By Law, Calgarians are required to provide adequate storage and containers for organic waste materials. The organic waste needs to be collected and taken for composting.  Get your customized organics program today!

Urban Impact can help you establish a customized organics recycling program or improve an existing one.  Contact us today to schedule your Free Site Visit and see how easy it can be to participate.

It’s easy to Get Started

  • We provide a variety of collection bin options that can be configured to meet your needs
  • We provide you with a fresh bin at every pickup; our bins are steam cleaned to keep them clean and odour free.
  • We provide ongoing education and engagement to help users understand how the Organics Recycling program works.

What goes in the Organics bin?

  • All food waste
  • Tea bags and coffee filters
  • Meat, fish, shellfish and bones
  • Paper towels and napkins
  • Dirty or greasy pizza boxes
  • Wooden chopsticks or wooden stir sticks
  • Cardboard food take out clam shells 

Food waste is taken to a state of the art plant where it's converted  nutrient-rich fertilizer or animal feed.

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