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Public events and festivals often create a huge amount of waste. When people come together lots of waste tends to be left behind.

Did you know that materials left behind Events and Festivals can be a valuable resource?

More and more event and festival organizers are ‘greening‘ their operations. Plan early and create a waste reduction plan.

Urban Impact’s Festival and Event Zero Waste Solution

Urban Impact often helps event organizers to provide zero waste recycling solutions. We’ve designed Zero Waste Stations for events and festivals as our way to provide sustainable waste management solutions and give back to our communities. The stations make it easy for the public to recycle. Each waste stream (paper and cardboard, mixed containers and organics) is clearly differentiated. We’ve provided green recycling services for events of any size from small local events to large outdoor festivals with over 100,000 attendees such as Concord Pacific Dragon Boat Festival. To help volunteers learn how to supervise the Zero Waste Stations and prevent cross-contamination we provide training handouts. Following the event, we may help you evaluate your green initiatives: we can measure how much waste was diverted and identify what can be improved or changed in the future.

Urban Impact’s Certificate of Diversion

Your event may be eligible to receive our Certificate of Diversion that outlines how much waste was diverted from the landfill.

In 2018, Urban Impact is proud to help the following Festivals and Events Go Green:

May 8, 2018 St. Georges Fair Festival Vancouver
June 22-24, 2018 Concord Pacific Vancouver Dragon Boat Festival Festival Vancouver
August 25, 2018 Steveston Dragon Boat Festival Festival Richmond/Steveston
September 9, 2018 Farm Folk City Folk Feast of Fields Festival Vancouver

Green Event Tips

Having a committed team of recycling “green” volunteers will help you increase your diversion rate.

During the event, it’s important for volunteers to monitor the Zero Waste Stations to discourage contamination and make sure they are regularly serviced.

An important aspect of any Green Event or Festival is communication and promotion of your efforts to local media and advertising as a “green” or “zero waste” event or festival.

By promoting waste diversion, your event is not just diverting waste from landfill but encouraging others to do the same.

Stakeholder participation is key- stakeholders include event patrons, vendors and sponsors.

Make sure that stakeholders are aware of your green practices and encourage them to play an active role in making your event or festival green.

To accomplish your green event goals, we recommend asking your food and beverage vendors to ensure that any consumables they use are biodegradable or recyclable.

Talk to us about planning a Zero Waste event. How can Urban Impact help you?

It’s never too early to start planning waste prevention and waste strategies for your community event.  

Creating a plan to limit waste in the first place goes a long way in reducing litter, costs and the negative impacts that waste has on the environment.

Please note that due to the large amount of requests we receive, we require a 3-month minimum notice for all event and festival requests. Due to the number of requests we receive, we may not be able to accommodate your request.

Your community event may be eligible for partially donated recycling services (subject to our internal review process) or there may be costs allocated for our services.  

We require three months (90 days) minimum notice for all event and festival sponsorship requests.

  • In some cases, we will agree to partner with your event or festival as a strategic sponsor. In other cases, there may be costs associated for services (delivery, pick up, and disposal).
  • We do not provide on site staffing.
  • Based on the size of your event, we will recommend how many Zero Waste Stations you will require.
  • We deliver and pick up (only) the Zero Waste Stations to a centralized location; we do not have staff available for set up.
  • Our Zero Waste Stations must be handled with extreme care as they are very fragile; we may request a security deposit.

Work towards achieving Zero Waste

Interested in finding out how your event can go green with Urban Impact?  Contact us today. Please provide us with the date(s), location event details and size of your event.  We will provide you with a quote for recycling services.

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