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Recycling is constantly evolving. Your Urban Impact solution includes ongoing monitoring so we can ‘right-size’ services as your recycling needs change.

First, we generally recommend a site visit to review your site and space requirements. Then, we'll listen to your goals to develop innovative, customized solutions to meet your needs and recommend the right type and number of bins to allow for your employees to easily use the recycling and shredding containers.

Seasonal fluctuations in your operation may create more waste than usual, and different categories of waste may increase or decrease. Over time, our drivers monitor the volume of materials your business generates, and we'll make recommendations to right-size your service frequency.

We continuously monitor and right-size your services, collection bins and schedule around your:

  • Sustainability goals
  • Operational goals
  • Size of operations
  • Volume of waste
  • Timeline and budget

Do you know how much waste you are generating or what’s in it?

Dig Deeper with a Waste Audit



The principle is simple: you manage what you measure. An Urban Impact Waste Audit is a great way for businesses and organizations to learn about the waste habits and needs of their site with a clear snapshot of what you generate, how much you generate and where you generate it.

We sort and weigh your waste streams and provide a report that lets you benchmark your progress and set the bar to improve, with opportunities to cut your carbon footprint, increase diversion, and even save on disposal costs. Here's what we'll do:

  • Conduct a site visit
  • Tour the spaces where trash is generated and handled, and inventory waste and recycling bins and dumpsters.
  • Help you determine the types of waste you are producing (i.e. paper, plastics, metals)
  • Help you identify what's being thrown away, what's being recycled, and the amounts of each type by weight or volume

The information collected during a site visit and a waste audit is essential to designing or improving a recycling solution at your facility.

Waste Audit Benefits:


  • Gain a better understanding of your waste: know what you generate, how much you generate and where you generate it
  • Help you determine the effectiveness of your current waste management program
  • Benchmark current and potential diversion rates in order to monitor progress
  • Distinguish between high and low performing sections of your building(s) or operations
  • Identify the highest-potential, most cost-effective opportunities for increased source-reduction, reuse, and recycling
  • Increase internal awareness about waste generation and environmental issues
  • Enhance community and improve image and business relationships
  • Reduce solid waste management costs
  • Acquire points towards LEED and other environmental certification programs
  • Acquire current waste generation and diversion statistics for reporting purposes
  • Comply with corporate environmental requirements
  • Get closer to achieving zero waste!

The Urban Impact Waste Audit Process:

A waste audit is essential for maximizing the effectiveness of your program, measuring success and improving operations. Waste audits can reveal costly, wasteful problems or unlock opportunities like new revenue streams. 

Every site is different, so we tailor our audits to you, choosing the waste streams, site divisions and material categories to be analyzed. We can perform the audit at our recycling facility, or, if you want your staff to observe or participate, we’ll come to your site and do it right before your eyes.

Following the audit we will prepare an official waste audit report that contains:

  • A project overview
  • Waste composition and diversion statistics
  • Easy-to-understand charts and tables
  • A photographic summary
  • An audit report with recommendations for improving your existing system.

Following a waste audit, our team will work with you to develop a recycling plan that suits the individual requirements of your operations.  

A tailored waste management plan can deliver real benefits in terms of cost management, improving recycling through source-separation and reducing waste disposal to landfill.

Our customers also benefit by receiving reporting tools that will show positive change post-audit implementation.

What’s Different about Urban Impact’s Waste Audit

We are not a consulting firm. We are a full-service recycling company.

That means we can actually help you act on audit results and improve your waste management system. If you want to get a better idea of your waste management situation, but aren’t sure how deep you need to go, no problem. Urban Impact offers a full range of waste audit services and can recommend a tailored waste audit process that suits your current volume and recycling.

Contact us to find out more. One thing we definitely won’t waste is your time.

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