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Festivals and Events Recycling

Materials left behind Events and Festivals can be a Valuable Resource!

where to recycleEVER FOUND yourself at a festival, celebration or sporting event with an empty pop can or water bottle and nowhere to recycle it?

Public events and festivals often create a huge amount of waste. Whether it’s a sports event, music festival or community event, when people come together lots of waste tends to be left behind. Highly visible to festival attendees, waste is one of the most costly expenses for events and festivals.


Advance Planning is the Key to Success

Every event and festival has special features and unique challenges and its own way of handling them. When it comes to waste reduction and recycling, festivals, events and fairs share some circumstances that are important to consider when you develop plans for waste reduction and recycling. Advance planning is key in making waste reduction efforts a success!

Working towards achieving Zero Waste

We understand that special event organizers are busy with the task of organizing and managing their event, without adding recycling collection into their list of responsibilities. That’s why we’re here to help. We require a minimum of 3 months advance notice.

Urban Impact Helps Events and Festivals Go Green

Our Zero Waste Stations were designed to separate waste streams and reduce contamination. They serve as the site for materials to be collected. Larger events and Festivals may require several stations. Our goal is to maximize capture rates of recyclables and minimize contamination levels. We’ll help your event or festival move towards achieving Zero Waste by recycling three waste streams:

  1. Mixed Containers (bottles and cans)
  2. Paper and Cardboard
  3. Compost (food waste).

Find Out if Your Event or Festival is Eligible

recycling tentYour community event or festival may be eligible for partially-donated recycling services (subject to our approval) or there may be costs allocated. Please contact us ( to find out if your event is eligible. Please note, due to the number of requests, we require 3 months advance notice. We are unable to accommodate last minute requests. Don’t be disappointed!  

In order for your event or festival to be considered, please be advised:

  • We require a minimum of 3 months advance notice. 
  • There is no guarantee; however, we do our best to accommodate requests.
  • We often agree to partner with your event or festival as a strategic sponsor.
  • In some cases, there may be costs associated (delivery, pick up, and disposal).
  • We do not provide on site staffing.
  • Based on the size of your event or festival, we will recommend how many Zero Waste Stations you will require.
  • We will deliver and pick up the Zero Waste Stations to a centralized location; we do not have staff available to set up the stations onsite.
  • Our Zero Waste Stations are fragile and must be handled with extreme care; we may request a security deposit.

To Find out more: Contact Us (  Please provide us with the date(s), location event details and size of your event.  We will provide you recommendations and a quote for services.

Advantages of Recycling

At Urban Impact, we believe that encouraging recycling activity at events:

  • Preserves natural resources and saves on landfill charge
  • Can significantly improve the public’s perception of the event.

If Urban Impact is a strategic sponsor of an event, our Festival and Events team will:

  • Liaise with event organizers to determine their specific requirements.
  • Complete a site assessment so we can tailor a special events waste management plan to suit your needs.
  • Determines appropriate waste removal times.
  • Strategically place up to 12 Zero Waste Stations throughout the venue.
  • Provide recycling volunteer training.
  • Remove the Zero Waste Stations and haul away the totes, as well as all the materials diverted from the trash that were collected at the event.
  • Provide post-event feedback and zero waste recommendations.

Get Started Early!

urban impact recycling truckWe believe it’s never too early to start the planning process for preventing and recycling waste for your event.

Demonstrate your commitment to our environment by having Urban Impact’s Zero Waste Stations at your events or festivals. Urban Impact makes it easy for you.  Of course, each special event is different.   Please Contact us and give us a minimum of three months advance warning.   We’d like to discuss your recycling needs.

Waste prevention involves thinking about what actions will generate the least amount of waste. Beginning with pre-event planning, to day-of-event tips, and post-event evaluation, Urban Impact can help you take your event beyond just recycling to hosting an environmentally-friendly and sustainable event.

Increase Diversion Rates with Recycling “Green” Volunteers

Events that achieve the highest diversion rates have a committed team of volunteers. We recommend designating a Green Team to monitor the Zero Waste Station(s) and to provide clarity by answering questions. We provide volunteer training handouts.

Certificate of DiversionUrban Impact’s Certificate of Diversion

Your event may be eligible to receive our Certificate of Diversion that outlines how much waste was diverted from the landfill.

A Track Record of Success

From the Rio Tinto Alcan Dragon Boat Festival to the Calgary Lilac Festival, we are really proud of the many 2013 events and festivals that we’ve helped go green! 

See some photos and get the latest news on Events and Festivals!

Don’t Just Take Our Word for it!

 “Thanks again for making Scotiabank’s Hockey Day in Richmond a big success this past Saturday at the Olympic Oval ! We are continuing to receive positive feedback from all our event and community partners on how much fun they had and requests to host it again in the future. Over 16,000 people attended throughout the day. Urban Impact’s continued support  and the Zero Waste Stations for Richmond events are greatly appreciated.”

Jordan Thorsteinson, Manager, Sponsorship Development, City of Richmond