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Festivals and Events

At Urban Impact, we believe that changing the way we deal with waste at festivals and events is a necessity.

2017 Events

May 4, 2017 St. Georges Fair Festival Vancouver
June 17-19, 2017 Concord Pacific Vancouver Dragon Boat Festival  Festival Vancouver
August 20, 2017 Steveston Dragon Boat Festival  Festival Richmond/Steveston
September 8, 2017 Farm Folk City Folk Feast of Fields Festival  Vancouver



Please note that due to the large amount of requests we receive, we require a 6-9 month minimum notice for all event and festival sponsorship requests.

Festivals and events are full of people, food, and collateral, and that means waste. The enormous quantities of waste generated during festivals and events shortens the life of landfill sites.  Not only is there a great deal of waste generated, it is very visible to festival attendees. For event organizers, taking steps to limit waste in the first place goes a long way in reducing littercost and the negative impacts that waste has on the environment.

More and more event and festival organizers are ‘greening‘ their operations — trying to reduce waste while promoting recycling, reuse and composting solutions. As with any event, a Green Festival or Event requires careful research and planning. Outlining your goals and reasons for hosting a green event is a good place to start.


Urban Impact at Rio Tinto Alcan Dragon Boat Festival 2013Stakeholder participation is important.
Stakeholders are event patrons, recycling companies, vendors and sponsors. Sponsorships focusing on the green aspect of your event may offset the cost of recycling. Communication with the stakeholders prior to the event ensures that all participants are aware of green practices and are encouraged to play an active role in making your event or festival green.

Urban Impact has a proven track record of delivering sustainable recycling and waste management strategies for festivals and events, cultural events, school fairs and community events.  We’ve invested in developing Zero Waste Stations that were designed to handle waste generated at events and festivals. We help event organizers through the planning, pre and post-event stages to provide Zero Waste recycling solutions.

Urban Impact provides professional zero-waste event services for many events and festivals in Metro Vancouver. We work with event and festival planners, working with vendors,  providing recycling services during the event, and reporting. We’ve designed Zero Waste Stations for events and festivals as our way to provide sustainable waste management solutions and give back to our communities.  We’ve worked with events from as small as a few hundred attendees to events with over 100,000 attendees including the Rio Tinto Alcan Dragon Boat Festival and the Steveston Salmon Festival.

Throughout 2014, Urban Impact is committed to encouraging and publicizing waste wise practices.  We’re focused on creating positive outcomes at festivals and events by keeping recycling simple.

Green Event Best Practices

We recommend that vendors (food and beverage) are informed of your your event’s green strategy and encouraged to participate by using compostable or reusable dishes, having bulk condiment dispensers and other eco-friendly alternatives. We also recommend that volunteers attend our Green Events recycling training to learn how to supervise the Zero Waste Stations and prevent cross-contamination.

Promoting Your Green Event or Festival

Urban Impact at Rio Tinto Alcan Dragon Boat Festival 2013An important aspect of any Green Event or Festival is communication and promotion of your efforts to local media and advertising as a “green” or “zero waste” event or festival . Advertising before and during the event is integral to encourage full patron, volunteer and vendor participation. Educate participants on what you are doing to green your event and why you decided to host a green event.

During the event, the Urban Impact team carefully monitors the Zero Waste Stations to discourage contamination and make sure they ar regularly serviced. Each waste stream (paper and cardboard, mixed containers and compost) is clearly differentiated.  By promoting waste diversion through education and promotion, your event is not just diverting waste from landfill but encouraging others to do the same.

Post Event Evaluation

Following the event, we help you evaluate your green initiatives: we can measure how much waste was diverted and identify what can be improved or changed in the future.

Urban Impact Greeen Event and Festival Sponsorship Opportunities

As an active supporter of environmental and cultural programs in Metro Vancouver, and most recently, in Calgary, Urban Impact will consider sponsorship of events that fit our sustainability and community engagement values.

Interested in finding out how your Event or Festival can go green with Urban Impact?  Contact us today.

Please note that due to the large amount of requests we receive, we require a 6-9 month minimum notice for all event and festival sponsorship requests.

Urban Impact at Rio Tinto Alcan Dragon Boat Festival 2013