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Go Carbon Neutral

Urban Impact believes we should all respond to the climate change challenge by going carbon neutral.

This means calculating the amount of carbon produced by individuals, public and private sector organizations, and offsetting that carbon footprint by planting trees, supporting renewable energy, buying carbon credits, and practicing other energy conservation strategies


Urban Impact includes the following sources of carbon emissions in calculating our carbon footprint:

  • All the fuel consumed by our vehicles (trucks, forklifts, skidsteers).
  • All the energy consumed in heating and operating our warehouse and offices.
  • All the fuel consumed by our employees commuting to and from work.

Our Carbon Offsets “PLANT ONE HERE”

Many reputable companies offer carbon credits that you can purchase on the internet. Some credits are used to fund tree planting projects in developing nations while others use the funds to research alternative fuels and renewable energy.

While buying carbon credits can be relatively inexpensive, Urban Impact decided to do the real thing in our community though our “Plant One Here”program. One tree can off-set one tonne of CO2 over its life time. Urban Impact has planted a variety of tree species mainly on land donated by the Corporation of Delta. Tree planting helps reduce the carbon in our atmosphere – and a creates a more secure better environmental future for our children.

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