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Hybrid Trucks

Urban Impact is proud to announce that we are moving forward.  Five more environmentally-friendly hybrid trucks will be joining our fleet!

Urban Impact’s incredible Hybrid Diesel Electric Collection truck, the first recycling collection and compaction truck in Canada to have an electrically operated hydraulic pump, makes no noise while it dumps and compacts the paper outside your business.

Going green has been a huge part of the Urban Impact culture since inception. To service our growing roster of customers, we own and operate an extensive  fleet of very large trucks.  Since our  trucks are designed for heavy-duty purposes, we believe it is important to look for smart opportunities to reduce our fuel consumption.

With the cost of fuel rising every week, Urban Impact is very concerned about having a positive impact on the environment.

We wanted to be proactive by taking a lead in investing in hybrid recycling truck technology. To reduce fuel consumption, we were willing to absorb some of the cost and financial risk associated with investing in hybrid trucks.  We were excited to be the first company in the recycling industry in Canada to purchase vehicles with hybrid technology.  As an early adopter of this new hydraulic hybrid technology,  we’re moving forward toward with a greener and more fuel-efficient fleet.

“Urban Impact has long been responsive to the needs of our local communities.  We are proud to be early adopters of the new hydraulic hybrid technology.  Incorporating cutting-edge technologies into our operations demonstrates our commitment to energy efficiency and climate change. In addition, the cost savings from reduced fuel use helps us continue to provide cost-effective services to our customers. We are very excited to be moving forward with an additional five new hybrid trucks.”

Rod Nicolls, Urban Impact Operations Vice President

Our hybrid trucks will help Urban Impact and our customers maximize fuel efficiency while minimizing costs, and reduce vehicle emissions – a win-win for the environment and the bottom line.

When driving identical routes over a two-month span, we saw a 45% reduction in average daily engine hours and a 33% reduction in the fuel consumed. Over the last year, our investment in hybrid technology has reduced fuel consumption by 35%. We will continue to invest in hybrid technology. Look for our five new hybrid recycling trucks on the road in the very near future!