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EPR Update

The last few weeks have seen a flurry of activity on the EPR front. At the time of our last update, the group representing BC newspapers had left MMBC to investigate alternative options for newsprint recycling, including the possibility of a separate stewardship plan and system just for newspapers. This group has since weighed their options and is looking like they will re-join MMBC on a single plan for PPP.

The original schedule had the plan consultation and drafting process taking place between June and November prior to the final draft being submitted to the government on November 19th. However, due to the circumstances with newspapers as well as some apparent behind-the-scenes wrangling, the process has been significantly compressed, with the same group of consultants that worked on Phase 1, attempting to complete Phase 2 over the course of just a few weeks. They definitely have their work cut out for them!

Since the beginning of October, MMBC’s consultants have been pounding the pavement across BC, consulting with stakeholders and working to put together an initial stewardship plan for PPP. This process culminated in the publication of an initial draft plan (available here: ) on October 23rd, followed by an official stakeholders meeting on October 29th.

The meeting on the 29th was similar to the one that took place in February for Phase 1. There was a series of presentations of different parts of the plan, each followed by a Q&A section. At this point, the plan is relatively short – only 30 pages – and there is a lot of important detail left out. It was no surprise, therefore, that a lot of questions were asked throughout the session. The main stakeholders: “producers,” local governments, the private sector recycling industry, as well as citizens’ groups, all had a lot of questions to ask.

Following this session, MMBC gave an open invitation for any and all interested parties to prepare and submit comments and questions on the plan as part of the official consultation process. Initial comments were due on November 9th, but the consultants made it clear that consultation will continue beyond this date, through to the end of December.

For a great example of the type of comments MMBC will be getting, Urban Impact highly recommends a recent blog post from John Mullinder of PPEC: Urban Impact shares a lot of the same concerns found in this blog.

Anyone with an interest in the plan should put their comments together and submit as soon as possible.