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Dear Urban Impact Team,

Ever since our son Kaden was a baby, he has been fascinated with garbage and recycling. It started with him watching through the window as the trucks came to pickup our garbage and recycling weekly. He watches videos on YouTube of recycling trucks and has a growing collection of books and toys. His favorite play activity is to load up bins with recycling materials and then have a toy truck come pick it up.

He knows what items can be recycled and has on occasion stopped us from throwing something in the garbage by saying “that’s not trash!” and showing the recycling symbol on the bottom or explaining to us why it should be put in our recycling bin. He helps us put the recycling out each week and bring the bins back in after the trucks have come.

He has always wondered where the recycling goes and thanks to the great team at Urban Impact he was able to find out. We cannot express how thankful we are for the private tour you gave him on Monday. We received a very warm welcome from the team there and really appreciated the attention you gave Kaden.

To show our appreciation, we have created a short video for you to watch.

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Keith, Fiona, Kaden & Amelia