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We received a really nice thank you letter from the winners of the Urban Impact 2011 Waste Not Want Not Art Contest.

Dear Urban Impact,

It’s us, Bryan and Ho-Young, the winners of your 2011 poster contest.  On behalf of Division 10, we would like to thank you for giving us the opportunity to observe your methods of recycling recyclable products. You have inspired our class to be prudent stewards of our planet, and we continue to do whatever we can to help support our environment.  Personally we enjoyed hearing about the true importance of keeping our planet clean and what will happen if we do not.  We are pleased to hear that you like our poster because we spent much time and effort towards completing it.  We intend to donate the money to several charities such as Kitiva and World Vision because we believe that others need the money more than we do.  Thank you again for the amazing opportunities and we will always remember your phrase: Waste Not, Want Not.

Have a fantastic summer,

Ho-Young and Bryan
Grade 5 students, Tecumseh Elementary School, Vancouver, BC