Meet Darren, Winner of Our Draw Our Hybrid Truck Dragon Boat

Meet Darren, Winner of Our Draw Our Hybrid Truck Dragon Boat

10153706_10153404545681085_5044402001937670673_n (1)World-class dragon boat races make the Rio Tinto Alcan Dragon Boat Festival, Vancouver’s most anticipated and prestigious summer event. On June 20-22, Urban Impact Recycling partnered with the Festival to help the Festival Go Green. The Festival is our flagship brand-building event of the year.

During the Festival, Urban Impact oversaw all recycling and composting. Our “zero waste stations” were set up throughout the site to handle Compost, Paper and Cardboard, and Mixed Containers. We enjoyed the opportunity to raise recycling awareness with Festival attendees.  Our team worked hard to help the Festival manage waste during the Festival by taking hundreds of trips to “swap the totes” at our Recycling Centre area away from all the activities. 

Festivals and events are full of people, food, and collateral, and that means lots of waste. We’ve invested in developing Zero Waste Stations that were designed to handle waste generated at events and festivals. We’re focused on creating positive outcomes at festivals and events by keeping recycling simple. We also try to teach people to recycle by trying to drive key behaviours.

Besides being a brand building opportunity for Urban Impact, one of the real benefits of our sponsorship was the opportunity to activate on site.   Urban Impact’s activation included a  “Draw Our Hybrid Truck” contest! Festival attendees could win an Ipad Mini by drawing the hybrid truck with a dragon. We supplied the crayons! Our busy booth was located right across from World Beat Stage during the Festival. At one point, we counted 20 children colouring in our tent. We had hundreds of entries, including our winner Darren’s below. 

We loved using Twitter and Facebook to build rapport and create an online brand and audience:


Done properly, sponsorship marketing offers much more than mere affinity and “eyeballs.” It can also play a starring role in activating consumer behaviour- such as encouraging people to recycle. People’s passions - offer myriad opportunities for engagement, content, sharing and value. At the Dragon Boat Fe

stival, we found the right match and have unlocked its power to build passion and business for our brand.


Congratulations to our winner Darren! Check out his fantastic hybrid of a dragon and our new hybrid truck! We can’t wait to have Darren’s drawing on next year’s t-shirt! 

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