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Movember 2012

We’re halfway through November.  Our Reduce, Reuse, Restache team is starting to sprout moustaches and furry faces! Go Movember Go!

This is the second year that our entire team has supported Movember.  We love watching the men in our Richmond, New Westminster and Calgary offices grow mustaches throughout the month of November to raise money for prostate cancer research. We’re really behind our team all the way!

Prostate Cancer Canada uses funds raised from Movember for the development of programs related to awareness, public education, advocacy and support of those affected, as well as research into the prevention, detection, treatment and cure of prostate cancer.  

Movember NEWS FLASH Update: We are halfway through the month and have already raised $1200 for Movember. Our team can support Movember by growing a moustache, making a donation or being a panelist judge for our Movember contest.

We want to say a special thanks to John Kendler for kickstarting Movember for the second time round. John commented “This year, I will be captaining the UI Movember team, Reduce, Reuse, Restache. I would encourage all the gentlemen of Urban to participate, and both the gentlemen and ladies to donate generously to the cause. This will be my fourth Movember, and with three years of training, I plan on growing a real whopper this time around. Stay tuned.”  

For our contest, we have created some Movember Moustache Challenges like the top “mike” in each team plus the Best in Category Moustache: Magnum PI, pencil ‘stash, Sargent Major, Charlie Chaplin, Fu Manchu etc. 

Of course, we hear that it may be hard to beat Rod Nicolls who looks like he must have had a head start on the Movember contest. We think he should shave it off and start from scratch.  Those of you who know Rod know that he is highly competitive.

“Let the Moustache games begin! I have the most giant ridiculous moustache ever known right now, I feel like Tom Selleck!  Go Movember!” Rod was accompanied by Randy Bates, who also sported a furry face. Rod thinks he looks like Robert Redford!   Contact us if you agree!

Rod and Randy face some serious competition from Sargent Major Spencer Kennedy and the Calgary team- maybe it’s the cold weather that is giving our Calgary team the big head start- or did they pencil in the staches?

We hear that Rod is going to resurrect his velour leisure suit and bouffant hair to hand out prizes for the Moustache Categories at the Urban Impact Christmas party on December 13. 







How to Participate in Movember

Country gentleman:  Here’s how to register to participate in Movember.

  1. Go to
  2. Click on register
  3. Click on New to Movember – Register
  4. Sign Up as a team member
  5. Join our team by searching for John Kendler, or our team name Reduce, Reuse, Restache
  6. Start growing your mustache and/or raising money for prostate cancer research


Here’s how to Donate

Go Movember, Go! Gentlemen start your moustaches!