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Our School Tours are 2 Weeks Away!

We are thrilled that our Earth Week Recycling Education School Tours are 2 weeks away! We are really looking forward to the hosting this year’s Grade 4/5 students and preparing for their inquisitive questions about recycling.

We are also very excited to announce that our Second Annual Waste Not Want Not Contest is now underway!  Our contest invites Grade 4/5 students to use their artistic talents to think big and design recycling art for the hundreds of visitors that come to Urban Impact to see.

Urban Impact’s Second Annual Waste Not, Want Not Art Contest for Grade 4/5 Students

How to Enter

Grade 4/5 Students (they must attend one of our School Tours) are invited to create original artwork  that illustrates the phrase “Waste Not, Want Not”. 

The student’s artwork should depict five things that we can do to recycle at home and outside the home. Our contest is a great opportunity to showcase your school’s artwork in colourful banners that will be prominently displayed at our processing plants and on a special landing page for the contest on our website.

We hope your student’s artwork will have a chance to make a huge impact and a lasting impression!

The Winner’s PrizeThe winner of the Waste Not, Want Not contest will receive a $500 prize.  The winning artwork will be prominently displayed at our processing plants and in a special landing page for the contest on our website.

Contest Closing Date:  The closing date of this year’s contest is June 15, 2012.

How to enter: To enter, students must:

  • be in grade 4/5 
  •  attend an Urban Impact School Tour. 

Artwork Entry Format Requirements

 Please print the following on the back of each original artwork entry:

  • Name(s), name of school, school phone number and teacher’s name
  • Title of Art Work
  • Signature of teacher

*Please note that a signature from a teacher will be sufficient to cover all entries

  • Your school may enter up to two pieces of artwork
  • Please submit your entry in a flat format (do not frame)
  • Submit before the closing date of the Recycling Art contest is June 15th, 2012
  • All entries will be property of Urban Impact Recycling Ltd, who shall also be the owner of the copyright
  • All entries together with artists’ details (name, grade, school, city) may be used in Urban Impact’s publicity campaigns (such as our website and banner displays) to announce the winner and promote future contests
  • Photographs of the contest winner together with their name and grade may be used in publicity campaigns where the parents or guardians of the winner have given their consent.
  • The rules of the competition may not be changed or modified and will be strictly applied
  • All personal information supplied will be used by Urban Impact Recycling Ltd., solely for administration and management of the recycling contests

Preparing your artwork entry

Subject: Please tell us in your picture the five things that we can each do to reduce waste at home and outside the home.

Size of artwork: The artwork entry should not be smaller than 36 inches by 36 inches and no larger than 72 inches by 72 inches. Please note: framed entries will not be accepted.

Use of material: Students may use any type of paper, white, coloured, rough or smooth. The work that they submit may be drawn or painted in pencil, charcoal, pen and ink, crayon, pastel, watercolor, acrylics, oil, or collage. Alternatively, it may be submitted in digital format in any artwork software.

Original Artwork:  All artwork should be original. 

Number of entries: Each school may submit up to two entries. Where you submit more than one entry, please clip the artwork together. 

Good luck to everyone who enters!

Need more information?

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