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Taking UI back to carbon neutral.


Urban Impact suffered a large warehouse fire in November of 2007 damaging equipment and inventory of paper.

In order to ensure we bring our carbon footprint back to zero, we have completed an
analysis of what was damaged, with a goal of sequestering additional carbon related to the
loss of fiber inventory in 2007.

Our plans for recovering our carbon neutral status are underway and we will keep you informed as to our
program rollout this spring.

New Carbon Footprint Calculation

When Urban Impact calculates our carbon footprint, we have always considered all the fuel our vehicles consume throughout the year, as well as our utilities consumption in our offices and warehouse.

For 2008, we will also be including the calculation of our employees’ commutes to and from work. As an environmentally responsible organization, our staff has always shown tremendous cognizance in reducing the carbon footprint of their commutes. Urban Impact has now also developed a number of incentives for our staff:

  • All staff are offered a four-days work week option. Employees are able to work longer shifts for four days, and they have one less commute a week. This generates a significant positive impact!
  • All staff that use alternate forms of transportation to and from work (e.g. bike, bus or walking or commuting with a car pool) are paid and additional carbon credit each month.