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Recycling at Langara College’s semester kick-off!

The winner of our Guess the Weight of the Recycling Tote contest-- Son! Congratulations!

On September 5, we had such a great day talking about recycling at Langara College- a college that really gets recycling! From posters to bins to handouts for educating students about what can be recycled and telling which recycling bins to use- we were impressed. And the best part, the students were totally engaged and interested in chatting about recycling- what a fun day for us! Thank you Langara!

We are pleased to recognize Langara College student Son who guessed the weight of our recycling tote in our contest at the College’s really fun Student Orientation event.  We had hundreds of entries in our fun contest.  Son guessed the weight of our stuffed recycling tote within .6 of a kg! Wow!  Son wins an IPad mini for guessing 53.86 kg. the correct weight was 53.8kg! Way to go Son!