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Vancity Urban Impact Shred Day Event raises $3200 in support of Delta Gymnastics!

Paul & Fraser

We are so excited that the Vancity Urban Impact Shred Day  on Jan 18th packed out the truck! Our driver shredded a WHOPPING 4880 kgs of paper.

What’s event better, the Shred Event raised $3200 in the 4 and a bit hours we were shredding in support of Delta Gymnastics.  While they had a really great event last year, and raised $2,000, it was music to our ears to hear that the 2nd annual event raised $3200!   What a success story! 

The cost of the secure onsite shredding services is by donation. We are pleased to donate the proceeds to charities and/or causes in Metro Vancouver and Calgary.  

Shred Days are your chance to head down to one of the community Shred Days to downsize your paper piles, organize your life and support a really worthy cause! Shredding is by donation. 

We are so proud of the kudos we received for Leif, our Shred Day driver who helped out at the January 18 fundraiser for Delta Gymnastics. 

We heard that Leif was great to work with and that the event organizers really appreciated how he supported the event.  

 Here is the really nice thanks that we received from Vancity, it is thanks like this that really make our day! 

“Thank you so much, we could not have done it without Urban Impact’s support.  We raised money for Delta Gymnastics, we discussed privacy and fraud prevention with the community, local businesses donated raffle items and we got some press in the local papers.” 

Urban Impact is proud to partner with a number of organizations to help them to host community Shred Days!  Our Shred Days events are led and organized by the Financial Institution or Not-for-Profit organization.  Urban Impact provides our mobile truck for the onsite Shred Days and we also provide a driver. 

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Source: Delta Gymnastics.