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Our Office Recycling Program is designed to cover all your office recycling needs, from paper and cardboard, bottles and cans to e-waste.

Recycling Fact Sheets

If your office isn’t recycling, it’s time to get started!

How to Get Started

We’ve helped many businesses to create workable and efficient recycling systems:

  • We’ll provide a customized collection system andpick-up schedule.
  • We also provide monitoring, measuring, andreporting services.
  • Our friendly, uniformed and bonded drivers will pick-up directly from your office on a pre-arranged schedule.

Recycling Education

It’s important to educate your staff on what materials are to be accepted for recycling. To ensure your recycling program us a success, we’ll provide;

Recycling Fact Sheets

Every year, each customer receives a copy of Urban Impact’s Certificate of Diversion was designed to salute our customers’ efforts for being responsible in matters of consumption, waste recycling and environmental management.

The Certificate of Diversion outlines how much waste each customer has diverted from the landfill and provides each customer with documented proof of their efforts to reduce their environmental impact. Our customers have the satisfaction of knowing that their recycling efforts have made an impact.