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Ready to get really serious about reducing your waste? Then Urban Impact’s Zero Waste Program is right for you.

Over the past few years, we’ve seen a huge increase of organizations looking to improve their diversion rates and seek advice on how to help their business become more sustainable.  Across Canada, an anti-garbage strategy known as “Zero Waste” is moving to the mainstream.  With increasing awareness of environmental issues, a greater number of companies are taking steps to move to zero waste.

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A zero-waste company not only promotes the reuse and recycling of materials, but it also focuses on increasing products’ lives, and considers the entire product life cycle.

Zero Waste Benefits

A greater number of companies realize the benefits of green and sustainable business practices. A zero-waste company:

  • is able to save on costs by reducing its waste of materials and become more competitive in the market.
  • will be able to promote environmental protection, and economic and social well-being.


Working together towards a zero waste future.

At Urban Impact, we’re committed to reducing the amount of waste going to landfill and recycling as much as possible. A valuable resource, we believe that all waste is just a mixed collection of potentially new material that hasn’t been recovered yet. Essentially, every material or item that is thrown out can be reused.

Throughout the years, we have listened to the desires and wishes of many companies to become “green” and learn how to reduce, reuse and recycle.

Our Most Popular Recycling Services

Urban Impact can collect and recycle almost any type of waste. The most popular items we recycle and collect are listed below – if your waste isn’t on the list, get in touch today and see if we can help.

Did you know the majority of material we throw out isn’t actually waste? Let Urban Impact develop a custom recycling program for your business.  Working together, we’ll design a resource management program to help you improve diversion rates and generate less waste.

Our knowledgeable team will visit the site, assess your company’s needs, and design a program just for you. Reducing your carbon footprint is easier today than it has ever been. Whatever the size of your business or budget, we will develop a collection system and pick-up schedule that fits your needs.

We can incorporate any of the recyclable materials listed below:



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Making Zero Waste a Reality: Attempting to eliminate waste going to landfill is an ambitious goal. There are actions everyone can take to help achieve Zero Waste. Please take a look around our website and learn about ways that you can make Zero Waste a reality. We are always researching new methods to help us continue to reduce our eco-footprint.We’ve created a recycling-led waste management solution that was designed to eliminate the need for taking many materials to the landfill. We’ll help you move towards making the least amount of garbage possible.

Urban Impact will develop a customized recycling program to help you recycle a wide variety of additional materials. Contact us today to find how you can become a Zero Waste business.

Sending many of these materials to the landfill not only hurts the environment, it also contravenes Metro Vancouver’s waste disposal rules!

Let Urban Impact customize a recycling program for your business that can incorporate any of the materials listed above. Whatever the size of your business or budget, we”ll develop a collection system and pick-up schedule that fits your needs.

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