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Office Organics Collection

Most workplaces generate a large amount of food waste!  Implementing an office organics collection program is an easy way for offices to lower their carbon footprint and divert more waste from the landfill.  Composting is the process by which organic matter breaks down into nutrient rich soil.  Recycling organics is easy, fun and environmentally friendly. 

Don’t send your office’s food scraps to the landfill!  Start an Office Organics Collection program instead! From used coffee grounds and paper napkins to half-eaten pizza and vegetable trimmings – food scraps and food-soiled paper that your office typically throws away can be collected to make nutrient-rich compost

Not Sure How Much Food Waste Your Office Generates? Urban Impact’s Waste Audit will provide you with a breakdown of how much food waste your business generates.

Why set up an Office Organics Program?

Composting is an alternative to many of the current practices for the disposal of organic waste, such as incineration and landfilling. Removing food from the waste stream significantly reduces global warming impacts.

How to get an Office Organics Collection Program Started

Urban Impact’s convenient Office Organics Collection program helps businesses and organizations divert food waste from the landfill. 

1.  Office Organics Champion: To launch an organics program, we recommend appointing an Office Organics champion.  Their role is to empty the organics pail into the bin.  We recommend the following frequency:  daily or every second day

2.  Organics Collection Pails:  We will provide your office with a clearly-labelled lined plastic pail for your employees to accumulate coffee grounds, fruit peels, bread crusts, paper towels paper plates, and even meat, fish and dairy.  The process is very simple- all you do is collect the food scraps in a small plastic pail, and close the lid.  

3.  Where to place the organics collection pail:  We recommend placing an organics collection pail on the counter so that it is highly visible.  Alternatively, you can tuck it away under the sink.  The organics pail takes very little space.  It is easy for employees to scrape their kitchen waste straight from their plate inro the pail.

4.  Emptying the Collection Pail:  The Office Organics Collection Champion should empty the organics collection pail.  

5.  Urban Impact’s Office Organics Pick-up Schedule:  We recommend a weekly pick up schedule as a minimum.

6.  Keeping the Organics Collection bins fresh and clean: Urban Impact’s driver will ensure that your bins are clean.  Our driver will place scented deodorizers in the bins to make sure they are odor free.  Please make sure the lid is secure.

7.  Extra bags:  Urban Impact will make sure that you have extra liners for your organics pail.

8.  Completing the Composting Process:  The food waste will not breakdown or decompose into “black gold” inside the pail.  Putting the fermented food waste into the ground, compost bin or large planter is required to complete the composting process.

Urban Impact delivers the organic food wast to an organics processor to complete the compost process.

With Urban Impact, Office Organics Collection is as easy as 1-2-3! 

Office Organics Benefits

  • Office Organics recycling is easy to implement in a clean and effective manner with little to no increase in staff time.  
  • Any office that produce large quantities of foodscraps will see a reduction in their trash bill when they implement an Office Organics Collection program.
  • The office organics are used for earth-friendly composting. The compostable materials are turned into nutrient rich soil that helps grow fresh food.
  • By separating organic material and having it collected by Urban Impact, you will reduce the amount of waste your business sends to the landfill, minimize the impact that your business makes on the environment and potentially cut costs by reducing the volume or frequency of trash collection.
Urban Impact’s Office Organics Collection Service- As Easy as 1-2- 3!

Urban Impact is pleased to offer Office Organics Collection program at a price that is typically the same or less than trash disposal costs.

Frequent removal of the food waste is important to keep odours and fruit flies down and colleagues happy.  Urban Impact will create a weekly Office Organics Collection program to meet your needs. It’s easy- your office can start right now!

We Make Office Organics Easy!

  • Urban Impact provides secure, leak-proof, organics collection pails with lids. 
  • We provide clear recycling labels with photos to show what materials are acceptable.
  • When you start office compost recycling, well-trained and motivated employees will make the difference. Urban Impact provides labels, staff training and and Recycling Fact Sheets  to help staff understand the differences between foodscraps, recycling, greenwaste, and trash. Posting our downloadable Recycling Fact Sheets will help new users follow the guidelines.
  • We’ll develop a pickup schedule that minimizes the amount of time the organic materials are stored at your location.
  • We take the office organics to a processor to be composted. f

Not sure what can go in your Office Organics Pail?

Anything that is an organic material (it has come from a once-living organism and is capable of decay), can be collected  Here is a list of everything that can go in your Office Organics pail:

Acceptable Green Waste Materials Not Acceptable

Food Scraps (Anything that used to be alive)

  • Bread, grains and pasta
  • Coffee grounds
  • Dairy (except dairy liquids)
  • Eggshells
  • Fruit (pits and nuts too)
  • Leftovers and spoiled food
  • Meat (including bones)
  • Seafood (including shellfish)
  • Vegetables

Soiled Paper

  • Coffee filters
  • Greasy pizza boxes
  • Paper cups and plates
  • Paper ice cream containers
  • Paper bags, napkins, tissues and towels
  • Paper take-out boxes and containers
  • Paper tea bags
  • Waxy paper milk and juice cartons (no foil liner)


  • Plastic clearly labeled “Compostable”
  • Waxed cardboard and paper
  • No glass, no plastic, no styrofoam, no metal, no liquids, no grease, and no other items that cannot biodegrade.
  • No Dairy Liquids

It’s easy start an Office Organics program: contact Urban Impact today.