Disposing of light bulbs usually means dumping millions of them into landfill.

Recycling light bulbs not only preserves our natural resources, but also protects our environment and ground water from heavy metals such as lead, mercury and cadmium.

Recycling Services

Now, a greener solution exists for those mercury-laden lights!

Let us assess your light bulb waste and work with you to set up a fluorescents recycling program best suited to your office recycling needs.

Everything is recycled

Glass, copper, aluminum and steel all have their own markets. Clean phosphor powder can be used to make new fluorescent lights, and the mercury goes back to the industry to create a truly closed recycling loop.

It couldn’t be easier to take care of old fluorescent lights.

Three Simple Steps

  1. Simply call us. We’ll discuss your needs and design the perfect collection solution for you.
  2. We deliver the boxes or bins to your door.
  3. Once they are full just give us a call and we’ll arrange for pickup.

For smaller quantities of lighting waste we supply collection boxes specifically designed for fluorescent tube disposal, and cartons more suited to compact fluorescent lamps, sodium vapour lamps and halogen lights.

For larger volumes of lighting, we offer bins.

Recycling Services

Downloadable Fluorescents Recycling Label

Identify your Fluorescents recycling bins with this handy label
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