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Fluorescent Light Bulbs…

Use 66% less energy than regular incandescent bulbs, however, they contain mercury, and should never be placed in the trash. Each year, businesses, factories and institutions throw out millions of fluorescent tubes, but now greener solution exists for those mercury-laden lights than the landfill.

Urban Impact will assess your light bulb waste and work with you to set up a fluorescents recycling program best suited to your office recycling needs. Our fluorescents recycling service is convenient and follows the highest industry standards for processing light bulb material.

All fluorescent lamps and all high intensity discharge lamps CFLs (fluorescent light bulbs) that are thrown in with waste are sent to landfills to be incinerated.  This method of disposal causes mercury to be released into the environment as the bulbs break or leak.

Recycling light bulbs filled with mercury can avoid harm to the environment and better the health of the entire food chain. Diverting these materials from disposal not only preserves our natural resources, but also protects our environment and ground water from heavy metals such as lead, mercury and cadmium.

Urban Impact can deliver all the necessary containers and services to ensure that your tubes are safely packaged, transported and recycled.

Contact us today, let’s work together to keep fluorescent tubes out of municipal landfills.