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Multi-Family Recycling

Urban Impact’s Recycling Solution for Multi-Family Residences.

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Manage multi-family residences? Urban Impact has created a convenient recycling program that makes it easy for your residents. A multi-family recycling program can help:

  • Decrease waste disposal costs for building owners and households;
  • Bring buildings into compliance with applicable multi-family recycling regulations;
  • Help you achieve waste diversion goals;
  • Make recycling more accessible to the community; and
  • Help you achieve sustainability goals.

It’s Easy to Get Started

Whether you manage multi-family condominiums, town-homes or apartment buildings, you need a recycling partner that can manage your recycling cost-effectively and efficiently.

Urban Impact is pleased to offer a multi-family recycling program that can be tailored specifically to meet your building’s requirements. For each building, we follow these steps to launch a multi-family recycling program:

  • A full review of your existing waste management and recycling efforts.
  • A site visit to assess your needs and ensure that the correct collection containers are deployed to service your building.
  • Our recommendations: a program designed to help you achieve your waste management goals.
  • Make recycling more accessible to the community; and
  • A Start Recycling package for your residents that fully explains how to get recycling.

Multi-Family Recycling Bins and Containers

We provide ninety six (96) gallon Tote bins for the collection of Mixed Paper (including all grades of paper, newsprint and cardboard) and Mixed Rigid Containers and Organics (if you choose to include an organics recycling program).

The Totes are a sturdy wheeled container with a lid, ideal for multi-unit collection programs. Our Totes are clearly labeled for the designated material.

Front End Bins


Ideally, if space allows, we provide a separate Front End container for cardboard. If there is no space, cardboard can be collected in the Totes, however, we will require residents to flatten and place the cardboard into the Tote.

Learn More!

Download a pdf about Urban Impact’s Multi Family Recycling services or you can contact us for more information.