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Recycling Labels

Urban Impact’s recycling labels are designed to make recycling easy.   If recycling is easy for users to understand, they’re much more likely to participate. 

Our recycling labels are designed to:

  •  Compliment your recycling and waste management program
  • Act as a friendly reminder to recycle 
  • Teach people what materials are acceptable in the bins.   
Organics Mixed Paper Mixed Containers




Battery Flourescent  Papertowel




Small Appliance Soft Plastic  Styrofoam

Need help teaching your employees to sort waste?

Over 20 years of experience has made it clear that effective communication is key to clean streams and, ultimately, a clean planet. 

Cut down on waste with Urban Impact’s recycling labels: 

  •  Come in three different sizes and fit nicely on our bins and containers (hyperlink bins and containers)
  • Can be customized to meet your recycling program’s needs.

By working closely with our customers, we’ve  integrated what we’ve learned to provide effective, powerful labels. We also provide a Recycling Fact Sheets.  

Working in tandem with you and your recycling program objectives, we can help take the guesswork out of selecting effective recycling signage to ensure your program works in the short term and, as importantly, over time as you progress towards a zero waste environment.  Recycle more than ever with the help of Urban Impact’s signage:

  • We provide full color adhesive vinyl Labels and Paper Recycling Fact Sheets
  • Our labels and fact sheets are designed for multiple waste streams:  select the best option to support your sustainability goals.

Guide Users to Ensure Clean Streams & Increase ROI:  Our colourful pictures are designed to help users select the right recycling bin.

Don’t throw it in the trash!  We’ve created a garbage sign with a picture of landfill to show where garbage ends up so they don’t throw it in the trash.

Increase Morale. Build Your Brand Image. Advertise Your Program: Promote your green efforts!

Our recycling labels can be purchased as-is, customized or we can create a new design for your unique needs