Soft plastic, like all plastics, are made from petroleum, a non-renewable resource.


Recycling Services

Does Your Business have a lot of Excess Soft Plastics?

Soft plastics can include products such as shrink-wrap, bubble wrap or large plastic bags. If you've been currently disposing of these into your waste, talk to us.

Wirth Urban Impact’s convenient Soft Plastics Recycling program it's easy to divert plastic waste from ending up in the landfill.

Di you known that plastic bags and overwrap are recycled into products for all of us to use like new grocery bags, decking, park benches and circuit parks?

Our aim is to make recycling Soft Plastic materials easier than ever

We can also help you to set up systems to recycle other materials such as shrink-wrap, pallet wrap, natural and lightly tinted polythene. Please note that plastics can be clear or coloured but must be clean of contaminants.

Have soft plastics? If you provide us with a sample of the material, we’ll assess whether they can be recycled. A truck will be sent to your location on a weekly, bi-monthly or monthly basis, depending on the volume of plastic your company is generating. 

Getting a quote is quick and easy. 

Have you heard of the scrunch test?

Soft plastics are any plastics that can be easily scrunched into a ball or broken when crushed by hand and includes film wrap, shopping bags, bubble wrap, shrink wrap, chip bags, biscuit packs and trays and green bags.

If you don’t know how to tell the difference, you can do the scrunch test.  If you can easily scrunch the plastic into a ball it is a soft plastic.

When soft plastics are thrown into the landfill or water, they don’t biodegrade, they photo degrade—breaking down into smaller and smaller toxic bits.  These bits contaminate soil and waterways.

Recycling Services

Soft Plastics Recycling Containers


3’8” (H) x 3’1” (D) x 6” (W)


4’4” (H) x 3’10” (D) x 6” (W)


4’9” (H) x 4’10” (D) x 6” (W)

6 Cubic Yard

5′ (H) x 6′ (D) x 6′ (W)

8 Cubic Yard

6’10” (H) x 5’6″ (D) x 6′ (W)

96 Gallon Tote

30” (H) x 35” (D) x 43” (W)

30 Cubic Yard

6′ (H) x 20′ (L) x 8′ (W)

40 Cubic Yard

8′ (H) x 20′ (L) x 8′ (W)


30”D x 60”L x up to 48"H
Recycling Services

Downloadable Soft Plastics Recycling Label

Identify your Soft Plastics recycling bins with this handy label
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