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Soft Plastics Recycling

Urban Impact recycles all kinds of Soft Plastics. This includes soft plastics, such as bubble and shrink-wrap; plastic strapping used to strap goods onto pallets; and unique specialty plastics, which are assessed for recycling on an individual basis.

Soft plastic wrapping covers your toilet paper, your six pack of Coca-Cola, the top on your vitamin, your pasta, potato chips, frozen vegetables and rice. Soft plastics, like all plastics, are made from petroleum, a non-renewable resource. When soft plastics are thrown into the landfill or water, they don’t biodegrade, they photodegrade—breaking down into smaller and smaller toxic bits.  These bits contaminate soil and waterways. Soft plastic is often overlooked during the recycling process and the vast majority still ends up in landfills. Plastic recycling rates continue to lag far behind other common recyclable materials, such as paper, aluminum and glass.

Urban Impact recycles many types of Soft Plastic materials. This includes soft plastics, such as shrink and bubble wrap used to wrap and protect products and other unique specialty plastics.  We encourage you to separate soft plastic materials from all other waste streams in order to recover the most amount of plastic possible.

Please note that plastics can be clear or coloured but must be clean of contaminants.

Have soft plastics? If you provide us with a sample of the material,  we’ll assess whether they can be recycled.