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Styrofoam Recycling

Urban Impact has a Cost-Effective SolutionFor Responsible Styrofoam Recycling*

(*this service is for our Commercial customers) 

We’ll Pick Up And Recycle Your Styrofoam (EPS). 

Yes, we recycle Styrofoam! In our ongoing effort to attain zero waste for our communities, Urban Impact is pleased to offer a new service – Styrofoam (EPS) Recycling for our existing commercial customers.

Used for more than 50 years in a variety of packaging applications, styrofoam has become a significant source of waste for many manufacturers and distributors.

Did you know that Styrofoam can be recyced?

Styrofoam is everywhere!It holds your food, secures items in packages and provides insulation in homes. It’s also known as plastic #6, which you’ve seen used in plastic cups.

Styrofoam is both hazardous to produce and difficult to recycle. While Styrofoam is not heavy by its nature.   It’s space-consuming, which is a serious problem for our already overburdened landfills.

Have large volumes of Styrofoam?  Don’t despair!

Now, you can have your Styrofoam picked up on an on-call basis by Urban Impact and recycled locally:

  • We provide on-call collection services for Styrofoam and ALL classes of plastic material 
within the Metro Vancouver area. 
  • We’ll provide storage containers for your facility. Contact us today!

Please keep Styrofoam separated from all other classes of plastic and paper (no food containers).

Our Styrofoam Recycling Process

  • We pick-up your styrofoam waste (for existing customers) on an on-call basis. Collection frequency will depend on the volumes you generate.
  • We will take your material to a processing center.
  • The recycled styrofoam is made available as raw material to manufacturers who are using it for home building material, air cargo pallets, packaging, and more.
  • Your organization will get the assurance of implementing an ethical, environmentally sound solution. 

Lower your regular Waste Hauling expense AND Help Save the Environment!

If you an existing commercial customer that generates or produces large quantities of Styrofoam and are interested in recycling, contact us. We’ll set up a Styrofoam recycling program.

We currently don’t provide this service for Calgary at this time. We are working towards having it in the future.


Contact Us Now to Discuss Your Styrofoam Recycling Challenge.