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Off-site Shredding

If you have a large volume of material or are looking for the most economical shredding solution, Urban Impact’s offsite shredding (Metro Vancouver only) is the right solution for you. (Not for one time shredding customers.)

Urban Impact’s Off-site Shredding:

  • Provides a more affordable alternative to document destruction.
  • This option is generally most ideal for clients with smaller volumes of documents that need to be shredded.
  • Can generally result in a faster service time should you require immediate shredding service.

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Offsite shredding services help you dispose of paper documents without the need to maintain an in-house shredding operation. We accept all types of paper including bond, magazines, newspaper and glossy stock. We even can shred all paper clips, staples, bull-dog clips, CD’s and floppy disks too. Our powerful shredder does the work.

Your confidential materials and out of date files are kept secure at all times. Through our secure chain-of-custody process and reliable service, Urban Impact provides secure and efficient confidential offsite shredding services at an affordable price.

Off-site shredding
is a secure, convenient, and reliable way to safely dispose of your confidential documents and data. Urban Impact’s uniformed drivers will arrive at your facility, collect the material to be shredded, and transport it directly back to our secure facility.  Our high capacity, high speed shredders at our plant enable us to operate this service at a lower cost than our on-site shredding services. As a result we pass the savings on to our customers and offer this shredding service at a lower cost.

Urban Impact offers a variety of lockable bins and consoles for the safe storage of confidential and snesitive waste. These can be viewed in Bins and Containers.

To Schedule Service: We can set up your office service based on your needs, such as weekly, biweekly, or monthly. Your containers will be swapped out on a regular basis whether this is weekly, biweekly or monthly.

Please note: This service is only offered within British Columbia.

With Urban Impact, Your Documents are Safe and Secure

With our offsite shredding solution, you can rest assured that your documents are safe and secure. We provide a secure process, every step of the way. We’ll safeguard your sensitive information from the time the documents go into your locked consoles to the time they are securely shredded and recycled into paper products.  All documents and digital media entrusted to Urban Impact are destroyed within 36 hours of arrival at our facility.

How Offsite Shredding Works:

  • Efficient Pick-ups:  With flexible scheduling, Urban Impact will come to your location and pick up your shredding with little disruption to your business.
  • We will adjust your pick-up schedule to ensure no overflow during high volume times for your business
  • The shredding is transported to our locked trucks.
  • We’ll shred your papers at our secure facility.
  • Once the shredding is complete, you’ll receive a Certificate of Diversion for all material processed as soon as it has been destroyed.
  • Your shredded paper is recycled where it will then be turned into new paper products.