One-Time Shredding

If you happen to be in the middle of an office move, clearing up for more space, disposing of archived records or simply just doing your annual clear out, then look no further. We are here to help.

Chances are good you’re hanging on to a lot of sensitive documents. 

Inevitably, any organization that produces paper is bound to run out of storage space or the mandatory time businesses are required to retain records elapses.

Call us. When you’re ready for us, we’ll send over our secure shred truck and uniformed driver to take care of the rest.

Urban Impact’s one-time shred call-in services are perfect for businesses with large volumes, office moves, or when you need a periodic clean out. Ideal for one-time, quarterly, bi-yearly, or annual cleanouts of files or records beyond their retention periods. Free up your office or storage space of old documents.

Recycling Services

Urban Impact's state-of-the-art secure shredding trucks provide the perfect solution for you at a cost-effective price, whilst saving you a huge amount of time and headache. We'll come to you and destroy all unwanted documents quickly and efficiently.

The shredding trucks are fitted with huge, industrial cross cutting shredding equipment. 

Our drivers will do all the heavy lifting. No matter how many boxes you have, our uniformed drivers never physically handle your documents. And remember, don’t worry about removing things like plastic sleeves, staples or paper clips – we take care of all of that.

We'll work around your schedule to determine the right day and time for your one-time purge.

And before you even ask, yes, of course you can watch all your on-site shredding being done. 

Our one-time shred services are perfect for when you have a need for a one-time destruction service:

  • Pick-up at your office by uniformed fully bonded and insured drivers.
  • Secure chain-of-custody
  • Certificate of Destruction

We do a lot of one-off jobs. People who are moving, downsizing, clear out, etc.

For your convenience, we will collect your files in boxes or use any size container for collection. 

An office move is the perfect time to organize and purge your old company records. 

Urban Impact can help you before an office move to get rid of unwanted and out-dated documents, saving you the time, energy and costs of moving these documents to your new location, and preventing unnecessary clutter in your new office. We want to make your shredding experience easy and enjoyable.

Contact us to schedule an Office Clean Out. We’ll securely destroy all confidential documents and files.

And remember, don’t worry about removing things like plastic sleeves, staples or paper clips – we take care of all of that.

Total Office Clean Out Services

  • One-time service
  • Quick and easy scheduling
  • Locked shred consoles
  • All paper shredded then recycled
  • Cost effective & secure

Ready to Schedule Clean-Out Services?

Urban Impact can normally book and complete your secure shredding services within 7 working days or less.

If you need help moving the boxes or materials from your storage area – no problem. Urban Impact is happy to provide extra labour to get the job done.

Contact us to schedule your cleanout. We’ll discuss what time frame would be most convenient for you. 

Helpful Office Clean Out Hints

Here are some helpful hints to consider when scheduling an Office Clean Out:

  • It is best to do an inventory of what materials you want to have removed. How many boxes or file cabinets full of material do you have?
  • Determine if the material needs to be shredded or simply recycled.
  • Once you have determined what needs shredding, please label the box with a heavy marker – FOR SHRED.  This will help you keep your boxes organized and facilitate efficient pick-up by Urban Impact’s bonded uniformed drivers.
  • Where exactly is the material located (i.e., does Urban Impact's driver need to remove it from your office or warehouse)?
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