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Do you know how much waste you are generating or what’s in your waste?  

Urban Impact’s Waste Audit program is Good for – people who want to benchmark current recycling rates or to increase their diversion rate.  Boost Your Bottom Line with a Waste Audit!

Waste Audit Benefits

There are many benefits from conducting a waste audit, here are just a few:

How does Waste Audit help?

What is a Waste Audit?

A waste audit is an investigation of your existing waste management system.

Our Waste Audit is Tailored for Each Customer

Every site is different, so we tailor our audits to each individual customer. You choose how much waste you want audited and the different waste streams, site divisions and material categories you want looked at. We can do the audit at our recycling facility. If you want your staff to see the waste audit or even participate, we’ll come to your site and do it right before your eyes!

Waste Audit Report

Following the audit we will prepare an official waste audit report that contains: 

  • A project overview
  • Waste composition and diversion statistics
  • Easy-to-understand charts and tables
  • A photographic summary
  • Recommendations for improving your existing system.