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Organics Recycling


Are you complying with the Metro Vancouver 2015 Organics Ban?

In January, 2015, Metro Vancouver introduced an organics disposal ban. The ban applies to both residential and commercial waste. Food scraps make about 30% of the garbage going to the landfill.

Food isn’t garbage – It makes sense to recycle organics!

What Metro Vancouver’s Organics Disposal Ban Means For Your Business

With the ban, you will need to manage your waste differently. Every business in the Metro Vancouver area will need to have an Organics Recycling Program. Your business will be required to separate organic materials from regular garbage. Fines will be issued to businesses that fail to comply to the ban.

Here’s how Urban Impact can help ensure you meet the 2015 Organics Ban deadline:

  1. A waste audit to understand the volumes and types of waste produced.
  2. A site visit at your building to identify any issues and opportunities.
  3. Ongoing regular reports summarizing diversion rates, success and improvements to the program.
  4. An engagement session to introduce the recycling program to everyone involved.
  5. Training for recycling champions.
  6. Follow-up engagement sessions, as required.

Contact us today for advice on how to set up a waste diversion program and comply with this new regulation.