On May 27th, 2023, Pacific Assistance Dogs (PADS) raised over $6,000 and shredded nearly 4,000 kilograms of confidential papers!  Urban Impact was proud to help this wonderful organization generate much needed fundraising dollars for their cause.

If your organization is considering ways to raise funds, a shred event with support from Urban Impact may right for you. 

Urban Impact tries to schedule at least eight (8) Shred Events per every calendar year. We donate the truck and driver. With a good marketing effort to promote the event and vital volunteers to help out a Shred Event can be successful avenue to raise funds.

Over the years Urban Impact has been able to help many organizations raise funds. Some of the key ingredients to a successful Shred Day include:

  • A central location
  • Parking lot to allow for drivers to arrive, unload and move their paper to the shred truck
  • Room for the volunteers to set up a tent or booth to ask for the donations
  • Volunteers to help set up, help out and ensure that the event is a success.
  • And of course participants!

At the recent PADS shred event, their cute dogs in training were an added bonus to help everyone feel good about the event and want to contribute funds to support the organization.

Charities have many different approaches to asking for donations. Some have a suggested fee per box, others stay quiet and count on the generosity of the participants.  Whichever approach fits best for your organization, it's important to collect funds from participants at the Shred Day.  In our experience, we suggest a $20 per box donation. While the retail cost to shred a box does vary, this amount seems to be a sweet spot for collecting funds.

To learn more or apply for a Shred Day event, please continue to our Community Shred page.

Congratulations to our 2023 Shred Event charities – we salute your hard work and important contribution to our communities.