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Sort it out - itemized list
Alkaline batteries
Aluminum alcohol, beer, cider, spirits, cooler containers
Glass beverage containers
Glass bottles and jars
Glass containers
Milk cartons
Plastic juice containers
Plastic soft drink containers
Plastic sports & energy drinks
Plastics Marked 1 - 7
Cardboard boxes
Cardboard sheets
Cardboard cores less than 3 feet
Clean pizza boxes
Kraft or feed bags
Paper bags
Press board packaging
Clean Styrofoam takeout container
Clean white Styrofoam blocks & packaging
Toothpaste tubes
Twist ties and elastics
Vacuum cleaner dirt
VHS tapes
Hazardous waste
Pesticides and herbicides
Automotive air filters
Automotive rubber belts
Broken toys
Laundry baskets
Liquid cleaning products
Liquid waste
Scrap metal
Medical items
Feminine hygiene
Beverage containers
Bottle caps and milk lids
Clean metal or aluminum foil or plates
Clean plastic container
Coffee cups
Empty aerosol containers or cans
Glass bottles and jars
Metal and aluminum cans and lids
All electronics
Desk and standing lamps
Desk phones and fax machines
Hard drives
Irons and steamers
Kettles, blenders, coffee makers, fans
Keyboards, cables, mouses
Laptops and desktop computers
Microwaves and toasters
Monitors and TVs
Small appliances
Chip bags
Crinkly wrapper and bags
Foam clamshell containers, bowls, meat trays and cups
Food safety seals (e.g. seal off of milk cap, pull tabs on bottles)
Non-food protective packaging
Woven and net plastic bags
Air fresheners
Baby wipes
Bear spray
Black garbage bags
Bread tags
Chocolate bar wrappers
Cigarette butts
Cotton o’tips and swabs
Dental floss
Dirty aluminum Foil
Disposable cleaning cloths
Elastic bands
Excess liquids
Frozen fruit pouches
Furnace filters
Glass panes or broken glass
Glass windowpanes
Liner bags (cereal, cookies and crackers)
Non-recyclable coffee bags
Non-recyclable cups and lids
Old sponges and scrub pads
Packing peanuts
Painted or dirty white Styrofoam blocks & packaging
Paper towels
Personal protective equipment
Pet bio solids (Poop!)
Picture frames
Plastic straws
Rubber bands
Rubber garden hose
Rubber gloves
Soft & flexible plastics that are food soiled
Stand-up and zipper lock pouches
Tape - all types
Tissue paper
Food contaminated cardboard or paper
Food scraps, vegetables & cuttings, meat
Grease-soaked pizza boxes
Organic matter
Wooden stir stick
Yard trimmings
All office paper
Catalogues, magazines, newsprint, advertising flyers
Clean paper of any kind
Envelopes: plain and window
Hardcover or paperback books
Note pads
Paper folders
Paper hanging dividers
Paper with small clips or staples
Printed paper
Printer paper
Shredded Paper
White or coloured computer copier
Writing correspondence
Loose leaf paper
Clear, pre-consumer soft plastic
Clear, pre or post-consumer shrink wrap
Flexible packaging with plastic seal
Shrink wrap, clear plastic sheets or bags
Any large appliances
Ammunition or bullets
Cell phones
Demolition waste
Exercise machines
Fluorescent bulbs
Kerosene tanks
Paint or paint cans
Propane tanks
Solar panels
Washers or dryers
All clean EPS #6 packaging & blocks
Clean Styrofoam packaging and blocks
Styrofoam coffee cups
Waxed cardboard
Wax paper