Urban Impact knows the unique communications and space issues faced by managers and stratas in multi-family buildings.

We’ll  help you manage garbage, recycling and organics efficiently and cost-effectively. 

We offer customized recycling solutions that can help you achieve your diversion goals:

  • We will help you implement best practices in serving your site tenants.
  • We will help you find the right bins and containers, the right collection schedule and the right type of services to help you meet your goals.
  • We set up well-labeled bins and containers that indicate the recyclable materials accepted.
  • We provide education for tenants to make recycling more accessible
  • Unique or tight spaces and underground locations are no problem – we offer pick-up service and specially designed collection vehicles
  • Pick-up schedules can be flexible depending on volume needs.

Urban Impact will pick up your recycling and organics on a schedule. We'll design a flexible and customized plan. Get a personalized plan today!

A waste audit can help you understand the types and volumes of waste being generated at your property.

Talk to us about all of your multi-family property recycling needs.

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