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Mar 26, 2018|0

National Sword Update # 3

National Sword initiatives continue to impact Chinese markets and mills.  To remind the reader, one of the outcomes of the 2017 National Sword initiative is that Mixed Waste Paper Mixed (MWP) was banned from importation into China – it is one of the twenty-four grades of recyclables no longer allowed to be imported.  In addition to the ban of MWP, the remaining material grades that can be imported into China must meet a new stringent quality standard of 0.5% contaminants or less.Read More

Oct 18, 2017|0

Changes in China's market for recyclables - Update 1

Urban Impact participated in the Chicago Paper Conference from October 11 - 13, 2017.  Industry conferences are always a great place to catch up with suppliers and customers alike.  This yea's Conference conversations and Agenda were dominated by information about the Chinese Government's new National Sword. Under the Chinese government’s “National Sword 2017” clampdown, close inspection of imported recyclable materials were put in place. This blog post is Urban Impact's first update on National Sword.Read More


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