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The Basics of Trash
Garbage collection

Garbage is generally thought of as unwanted materials and objects that people have thrown away. Also known as trash or rubbish, it comes in various forms, such as, solid, liquid or gas.

With the increased awareness of recycling efforts and waste avoidance strategies, garbage volumes should decline over time. Start your garbage collection service today.

Know what you are throwing out

Safe and efficient garbage collection is an important part of every waste management plan. Let Urban Impact help you with a clean and efficient garbage collection program. We will assess your needs and work with you to understand the volume of garbage that you need collected, as well as any requirements or restrictions you may have.

If Zero Waste planning is an important requirement for you or your business, then our Waste-to-Energy garbage service is your solution.

Waste to Energy

Urban Impact offers Waste-to-Energy garbage service. This service will help you and your team divert your waste from the landfill. Knowing what remains in your garbage stream is a best practice and supports waste management planning and improvements.

Conducting a Waste Audit will help identify items that can be eliminated or reduced.

For customers in the Metro Vancouver region, our Waste-to-Energy garbage service is available to you.

Urban Impact Garbage Service includes bags and totes. We take your waste to our Metro Vancouver's Waste-to-Energy facility in Burnaby BC.

Garbage Containers
Check Out Your garbage Containers
96 Gallon Tote

30” (H) x 35” (L) x 43” (W)

40 Cubic Yard

8’ (H) x 20’ (L) x 8’ (W)

30 Cubic Yard

6’ (H) x 20' (L) x 8' (W)

20 Cubic Yard

5' (H) x 18' (L) x 8' (W)

Labels and Signage


Download signage to help your garbage waste diversion efforts run smoothly.


True or Trash
Garbage collection facts
  • As recycling and waste avoidance programs and initiatives improve the amount of garbage we produce will decline.
  • Unfortunately, Canadians still have a way to go. Garbage generation per capita in Canada is still one of the highest in the world – that is not a good thing.
  • Zero Waste means no waste, at all.
  • Knowing what is in your garbage is the first step to building a program to reduce the amount of garbage you create.