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Waste Management Solutions

The waste and recycling industry is constantly evolving. At Urban Impact, we monitor, evaluate, and pivot as the industry changes to ensure we provide the right solution for any business, large or small.

Urban Impact solutions are based on three core principles:
  • Plan
  • Execute
  • Refine
We continuously monitor and adjust our solutions to ensure that you reach your benchmarks and goals for:
  • Sustainability
  • Operational Excellence
  • Capacity and volume of waste
  • Timelines and budgets

Urban Impact will also provide training and signage for you and your staff to assist in waste solutions goals.

Our Process

At Urban Impact, we follow a simple principle: you can manage what you measure.

Our process starts with waste audit. This initial on-site visit is a great way for businesses and organizations to learn about waste habits and gives a clear snapshot of the amount of waste generated.

Creating a solution that is right for you follows a few simple steps:

  • Conduct a site visit. Tour the spaces where garbage is generated and handled
  • Inventory waste and recycling bins
  • Assess what is in the garbage stream
  • Provide a proposal with our recommendations what can be improved
  • Provide a sample and audit report
  • Assist in implementing changes
  • Help you measure your progress over time
Benefits of Waste Audit
  • Gain a better understanding of your waste: know what you generate, how much you generate and where you generate it
  • Help you determine the effectiveness of your current waste management program
  • Benchmark current and potential diversion rates to monitor future progress
  • Distinguish between high and low performing sections of your building(s) or operations
  • Identify the highest-potential, most cost-effective opportunities for increased source-reduction, reuse, and recycling
  • Increase internal awareness about waste generation and environmental issues
  • Enhance community and improve image and business relationships
  • Reduce solid waste management costs
  • Acquire points towards LEED and other environmental certification programs
  • Acquire current waste generation and diversion statistics for reporting purposes
  • Comply with corporate environmental requirements
  • Get closer to achieving zero waste!
Why Choose Urban Impact

We are not a consulting firm. We are a full-service waste and recycling company.

The benefit is that we are committed to helping you improve your recycling efforts. We work with you through the audit process and provide actionable and sustainable solutions to improve your waste management system.

Urban Impact offers a full range of waste audit services and can recommend a tailored waste audit process that suits your current volume and recycling.