Drink and Recycle!

Beverage Container Recycling

Urban Impact now offers beverage container recycling.

The service provides the hospitality industry with a reliable, clean bin service that allows your team to easily collect beverage containers and receive their refund value.

Our service simplifies the collection of beverage containers, and our robust auditing system ensures that refunds are re-captured.

Urban Impact’s Beverage Container recycling program is a must for any hospitality business!


Why Recycling Beverage Containers is Important

Both glass and mixed beverage containers are banned from the landfill. Through modern sortation technology, each of the components can be separated and re-purposed into other products, saving space in our landfills and helping to protect natural resources.

  • Beverage containers bare a deposit, by separating them you will recover their deposit value
  • Improve your diversion efforts by recovering glass and mixed beverage containers for your waste stream.
  • Remain in compliance with local landfill bans

Getting the Most from Recycling Beverage Containers

To get the most from a beverage container recycling program, please make sure all containers are empty and not broken before depositing.

Glass, Beverage & Mixed Containers

  • All glass beverage and other glass containers can be put into the same bin.
  • All metal, aluminum and plastic beverage containers can be deposited into the same bin.
  • Each bin will be sorted and the value of the containers refunded, minus the cost of service.
  • Non-deposit baring containers can be put in the same bin to be recycled but will decrease the value of each tote.

In addition, Urban Impact will charge for the non-deposit baring containers and reserves the right to refuse any bin.

Do NOT break glass bottles

Intact bottles help Urban Impact to

  • Count the bottles during the audit and return the correct value to you
  • Ensure that the bins are not too heavy
  • Keeps our team safe from potential harm

Fewer bins and sortation requirements is likely a big help for our busy hospitality customers!

Why Choose Urban Impact

Urban Impact now offers beverage container recycling.

Recovering beverage containers from your waste stream is easy. Put all clean non-broken beverage containers items into your blue bin. We will pick it up and take it from there!

Beverage containers are delivered to our New Westminster Plant, a state-of-the-art sortation facility. Containers are loaded onto conveyor belts, pass through large magnets, optical sorters, and manual staff that separate each container into its own stream—glass, and different types of plastics and metals. Sorted recyclables are baled and shipped to various manufacturing facilities where they are turned into new packaging and products.

Our Beverage Container program ensures that you have the right bin and the right schedule that fits your current needs.

Support your diversion goals and objectives with our communication and educational materials to help get your recyclables get in the right place.

Perfect Size for Any Job
Beverage Containers
96 Gallon Tote

35”(L) x 24”(W) x 43”(H)

3 Cubic Yard

52”(L) x 52”(W) x 48”(H)

Labels and Signage

Labels and Signage

Download signage to help your beverage container diversion efforts run smoothly.

Drink up!

Facts about Beverage Containers

  • Glass is 100% recyclable and can be recycled endlessly without loss in quality or purity. (source: https://www.gpi.org/).
  • Beverage container deposit systems provide 11 to 38 times more direct jobs than curbside recycling systems for beverage containers. (Source: The Container Recycling Institute).
  • About 18% of beverages are consumed on-premise, like a bar, restaurant, or hotel. And glass makes up about 80% of that container mix. (source: https://www.gpi.org/)