It is part of our company mission statement to be involved and give back to our communities that we serve.  One way we support our communities is by helping local charities raise funds for their worthy causes through Shred Day events.

A community Shred Day event day provides a charity with the opportunity to sell a valuable service and donate the proceeds to their fund raising efforts.  A Shred Day allows a charity to offer secure shredding of sensitive documents, such as private documents, uncashed cheques, credit card statements and insurance records, right before their eyes, while raising money for a good cause! 

Urban Impact provides an on-site shredding truck with a uniformed, bonded and insured and security-trained driver that helps ensure the event runs smoothly.  

For 2024, Urban Impact will commit to six community Shred Day events.  With so many great charities doing exceptional work in our communities, narrowing down the list can be challenging!  Please know that we evaluate all applicants. Our criteria for choosing includes:  Is it a new charity that is in need of some funding and recognition?  Does the charity have an interesting marketing approach that will ensure maximum exposure and fund raising?

If you are interested in applying here are some important considerations:

•   Ensure you have a good public reach out plan to promote the event. Social media is a great way to promote your event. Consider boosting the ads.  
•   Ensure that you have ample volunteers scheduled to assist with the event. A minimum of four volunteers are required to operate the Shred Day to keep traffic moving, collect the donations and assist participants with getting their shredding items out of their vehicles.
•   Ensure your location is a parking lot that allows for ample space to set up and that the flow of cars is safely and efficiently handled.
•   Make sure to schedule on a Saturday, optimal time is between 10 AM and 2 PM. 
•   Make sure you discuss with your volunteers the amount of money you will ask for each box shredded.  We recommend $20 per box.
•    Take lots of photos of your event for sharing with your community.  

These events do take some effort to organize and operate and can be well worth the effort! A single 4-hour event can raise several thousands of dollars for a charity.  If you are interested in applying, please click here to learn more about our application submittal guidelines. 

It is a privilege to serve our customers. We look forward to receiving your application!