Family Day is a relatively new Holiday for British Columbia (BC), Canada. Family Day became an official Holiday in BC in October of 2011. It's to be celebrated the on the 3rd Monday of February, 

For that we are thankful!  

We spend much of our work lives with our co-workers. Team members become part of our functional families, as we interact with each other through projects and day-to-day work operations.  We get to know our work family members in such a different way than our personal family.  Our work families become part of our ecosystem and vital to the success of our company.

For 2024, Urban Impact has decided to show off our work families on our Instagram page, with a few candid photos of some family members that work as part of our team.  No names included, just candid shots, of their choice, to honour their partnership and working together with the Urban Impact family.

My husband and I have worked together for over 30 years.  It almost seems surreal that it has been this long!  We have learned that when you work together you must focus on what is important and not sweat trivial things. We appreciate the opportunity to work as a team and take the learnings from building our personal family to elevate and grow a great working team that is united together in common goals.

Thank you to Urban Impact’s team members for your contribution and being part of our work family.  I hope you enjoy a day with your loved ones.  #wegottthis


Nicole Stefenelli