For many us, at some point in our lives, we have had a male figure who has made an impressionable impact on who we are, what choices we make and how we approach work and life. Whether this man is a biological Father or not, every June we celebrate the men in our lives, who have influenced our world, big or small. 

Arguably since the beginning out time, Fathers and Father-figures have faced unique and difficult challenges both at home and in the workplace. In today’s fast paced business world, even with technology and modern conveniences, finding time to balance a job or career, home life and community still presents challenges.

Through determination and creativity, Father's and father-figures continually strive to balance their work responsibilities and their family duties, setting the tone for future generations.  These efforts are essential and appreciated by individual families and society as a whole.

Whether you call him Dad, Father, or a proper first name, this Father’s day, let’s appreciate all the things Fathers do for us. Whether they taught us how to ride a bike or throw a ball or face adversity with courage, pride, and bravery, their contribution to our lives is invaluable. 

We would like to extend a Happy Father's Day to all of our hard working Urban Impact Fathers. We are grateful for the sacrifices you make for us and your dedication in shaping future generations.