Claim Your 2023 Certificate of Diversion!

The 2023 Certificates of Diversion are now available.  This certificate was created to acknowledge and congratulate our customers for their efforts in responsibly managing their consumption, recycling of waste and environmental management. 

Each year Urban Impact calculates how much waste each customer has diverted from the landfill. We provide a Certificate of Diversion that documents and shows proof of their efforts to reduce their environmental impact. We believe through best practices and policies, education and participation, recycling can lead to sustainability.

The Certificate of Diversion

•  Summarizes how much material customers have diverted from the landfill

•  Estimates in terms of water, power and trees saved through their recycling efforts

Urban Impact is committed to environmental conservation and global responsibility. We would like to thank all of you for your recycling efforts, helping us make the world just a bit greener and reducing your environmental footprint!

To learn more about this program or to request your electronic Certificates of Diversion, please follow this link to the FAQ section or send us an email to