As summer comes to a close, many of us will linger in the memories of family vacations, festivals, and being outside under the warmth of the sun.  For many families and communities, especially in our Province, the summer of 2023 will be remembered as a time of upheaval and constant fire readiness and watch. Our hearts go out to those returning to their lives and rebuilding their communities after suffering from a wildfire season that we have never experienced. 

As the nights cool and morning dew lingers on the grass, fall is a time where we all get back to a routine and familiar rhythm of work, school, activities. Between back-to-school shopping and the holiday season there is always a surge in recycling and waste volumes.

Urban Impact is here to serve you, your business and your community. We offer comprehensive services including waste management, recycling, shredding, and reporting and auditing.  Our focus is on customer service and meeting your expectations, each day.

Our dedicated team will help you and your business assess your current practices, systems for collection, and communication flows with your team. We will work with you to build a resilient waste management service for your company. 

With a fresh snap in the air, we look forward to our team meeting your needs, improving your waste and recycling systems, and assisting you with achieving your waste reduction or even zero waste goals.

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