Oct 24, 2018 |

How to implement an organics recycling program at your company?

Implementing an organics recycling program at work is straightforward, we promise.  Urban Impact works actively with our customers to ensure that the organics collection is easy to understand, convenient, tidy and picked up regularly!

The key ingredients to a successful recycling program include:

  • Management must buy into it and commit the resources required.  If you don’t currently have an organics recycling program in place at work, talk to your manager and see if you can get the buy in to implement.
  • Depending of course on the size of the business a variety of different staff needs to be involved.  If you company has a purchaser – it is likely that they will have to be involved.  Also, please consider if your company has a Green Team or Environmental Committee – make sure to engage and involve them in implementation of any waste diversion effort.  Getting everyone on board is key.
  • Good communication and signage is important.  Most regional governments have resources available to print for signs and communication information about recycling and organics diversion.  Also, most recycling companies provide signage for you to use.  Urban Impact does!  We provide customers with clear labels, and a Yes / No List to simplify the communication of what does and does not go into the recycling. 
  • Regular communication with staff on what is Not to go into the bins is also a good idea.  Take the time to lift the lid and observe what is in the organics bin.  If you seem items that should not be in there, it is time to circulate an update to your teams.  It is as important to communicate what is acceptable as it is to communicate on what is not acceptable.
  • Regular service for your recycling is also important.  Overflowing bins never look good and always give staff a reason to believe the recycling is not working and of course an eye sore.
  • For organics in particular, clean and smell free collection bins are a key ingredient to the success of the program.  If the collection bins throughout your office and the central bins are clean, odour free and easy to handle – this will really support your efforts and ensure the recycling program is a success.

In closing, good common sense contributes to all recycling efforts and especially organics recycling.    In a place of business, it is also really important to consider what supplies and goods you are purchasing.  If you are purchasing items that are not acceptable in recycling programs – how about not buying that product or good?  Avoiding items that go to waste or garbage in the first place is the most important contribution anyone can make to avoiding waste. 


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