Hello barbecue season!  In this three-part blog series, Urban Impact will share the best ways to recycle items that are commonly used during the summer season.  For anyone who loves to BBQ or camp, this blog series will explore what and where of recycling summer items and why these items don't belong in your blue box.

Part 1 - Recycling Compressed Gas Tanks

Going outside to enjoy the warm sun, catching up with family and friends, and basking in the delicious aroma of freshly grilled foods are the elements of the perfect summer BBQ. 

Did you know that compressed gas to power your grill is a hazardous material?   

Examples of Compressed Gas

  • All refillable propane tanks used for home barbecues or camp stoves, 
  • Disposable propane canisters, 
  • Butane canisters, 
  • Helium balloon tanks
  • Oxygen tanks. 

Properly disposing of empty tanks is a must for your safety, our drivers and the environment. Empty tanks should not be put in your recycling bin or garbage.  

Compressed gas tanks that are at the end of their life do not go in a blue bin or the garbageCompressed gas cylinders are dangerous when included with curbside, multi-family building or depot recycling as they can explode and catch fire during transportation or processing.  

If ruptured, tanks and cylinders can become self-propelled rockets or potentially catch fire. This poses a huge hazard and is dangerous in our facility where other material extremely flammable is being sorted, like paper and cardboard.  In addition, most compressed gases are toxic or corrosive. Special care must be taken to ensure no one is harmed during the recycling process.

Don't throw away your #propanetank or put them in your #bluebin. Instead, please take them to a safe drop-off location near you. Search RCBC’s Recyclepedia for drop-off options near you or contact the RCBC Recycling Hotline for all options available in your community. 

As the BBQ’s season is here, we ask that you do your part to safely dispose of all types compressed gas tanks. When handled safely and responsibly, compressed gas tanks add great pleasure to enjoying your outdoor space. 

Do your part and recycle these items safely! 

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