It is a pleasure to honour International Women’s Day 2023!

As a working women and mother, I understand the balancing act that a working women has to manage when working away from and of course at home.  It is not an easy task, pressure from both the home and work front are a challenge to balance to make sure you do a good job while at work and great job while at home with your loved ones.

At Urban Impact our female work demographic is approximately 15% across the company, heavily weight to women working in the administrative team members including Customer Service, Sales and Accounting teams where about 70% are female.

Employers of today are actively looking for staff and we of course hope to look to the female working women as part of the solution.  There appears to be some stigma attached to women working in a more operating environment (Plant or Warehouse and Trucking) but we hope to break down these stigma’s and welcome women!  Workplaces which traditionally employed men can often offer flexible work day and hours which we hope will suit women looking for a career.

International Women’s Day is not just about the working mom or women, it of course is there to salute all women.  It is with great pleasure that we take moment to honour and thank the many working women and those women who support team members who work at Urban Impact on International Women’s Day.